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The “official” Red Hat Enterprise Linux clone CentOS is releasing its next major version today.
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As expected, CentOS,  the popular Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) clone , which now works hand-in-golve with Red Hat, will be releasing CentOS 7 on Monday — less than a month after RHEL 7 was released .
While the news hasn’t been officially released yet, Karanbir Singh, the Project Lead for The CentOS Project, told me in an e-mail that: “This is the gold release, the content is signed, the ISOs will be on the mirrors.”
News that the release candidate was on its way has been enough to overwhelm CentOS’s servers. Singh explained that the CentOS server had been load-tested only against “about 10-thousand hits a minute and we’ve had about four times that.”
Singh said that switching to a server that should be able to keep up with the load.
The release candidate itself was quietly released on July 4. Since, no major problems were found, CentOS’s developers are going ahead with the final release today.
Like Red Hat’s RHEL 7, the Linux 3.10 kernel-based CentOS 7 has the following new features:
The CentOS 7 release, which remains free to all users, will be available on the CentOS site and its its mirrors within hours.
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