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Although Debian is available with multiple desktop environments, yet if you want to install the beautiful Pantheon Linux Desktop environment on Debian Stretch or Buster then here are the steps to follow…
Elementary OS comes default with Pantheon Desktop, however, it is not limited to that only, we can install it on other Linux such as Debian and Ubuntu as well. In this tutorial, we will see how to install and use Pantheon on a Debian Stable (Buster) or (Stretch) system. Here, I am using the Cinnamon installed Debian Buster.
What do you need to perform this tutorial?
What will we learn here?
If you have never added any repository to the system, then we need to have a package to support that process. Also, install a tool called wget to download files directly using the command terminal.
Pantheon can be installed under the current stable, i.e. Buster, and the predecessor, i.e. Stretch since packages are available for both versions. You can get the one as per your Debian Linux version.
For Debian Buster:
For Debian  stretch:
Command to install Pantheon repository on Debian
For Buster:
For Stretch:
To make sure the system has recognized the newly added repository and the packages available in it to install, run the system update command:
Finally, run the command that will automatically install the Elementary OS desktop environment Pantheon on Debian.
To perform changes related to interface, themes, and other elements. It is recommended to install a tool called Elementary tweaks. This allows you to customize the appearance of Pantheon to a greater extent.
Once the installation is completed logout your system and before login, click on the wrench icon given at the top bar of the login screen. There you will see all the available desktop environments on your Debian system including the Pantheon, thus select it and get yourself logged in.
Switch between desktop environment on Debian
So, here is our Pantheon running on Debian to give us the feel and look of macOS. We will have a dock at the bottom, at the top is a bar that lets you browse the applications on the left, the time in the middle, and various controls such as volume, network, battery, do not disturb and switch off icon on the right side.
Debian with pantheon Desktop of elementary OS
Debian Stable with Pantheon Desktop Buster and Stretch
With the help of elementary Tweaks, we can customize the appearance of our Pantheon on Debian one step further. Such as the ability to turn on Dark Theme, customize icons, fonts, and more…
Pantheon Debian Dark theme Desktop Pantheon Theme
As we know Debian is a quite stable Linux operating system and above that when we combine it with pantheon, things become really great. If you want a robust base with an extremely beautiful and intuitive interface. Then give a try to this tutorial.




It doesn’t exist the repo of anymore!!! And Debian Buster isn’t the last distro already.
Does anybody know to install Pantheon DE on Debian Bullseye ???? Or at least is it possible and if ‘yes’ give me the repo please!! is not active anymore, hence no other way to install Pantheon on Debian, If you find let me know…

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