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Brief: Linux Mint’s Debian variant LMDE 4 has been released with Debian 10 Buster as the base. Check out what’s new feature this new release brings.
Most people know that Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu but not many people know that Linux Mint also has Debian-based variant. It is called LMDE which stands for Linux Mint Debian Edition.
Linux Mint team has just announced the release of LMDE version 4 codenamed Debbie. It is based on Debian 10 Buster release.
As with Debian, LMDE also focuses on stability . Which also means that you might not get the latest versions of many software and libraries. That’s a trade off between stability and freshness.
Here are some of the main new features in LMDE 4:
You can refer to the release notes for more information specially about handling known issues.
If you want to use LMDE 4, you can download and install it from the Linux Mint official website. It is available for both 32-bit and 64-bit computers.
You can use it on a system with 1 GB RAM, 15 GB of disk space, however, 2 GB RAM and 20 GB disk space is recommended.
Check which Linux Mint version you are using!
Before you go on and start following steps blindly, I highly recommend that you check the Linux Mint version you are using.

The simplest way is to use this command in terminal:
If you are already using LMDE 3, you can upgrade to LMDE 4. Linux Mint team has made a good procedural document on upgrading LMDE 3 to LMDE 4. I could not make it better so I suggest you try the steps mention on this official guide.
The LMDE version is for those who want Debian as the base instead of Ubuntu. As a regular Mint user, you don’t have to run after this new release. If you have a spare system where you test various Linux distributions, by all means give it a try.
Personally, I have never used LMDE myself. There are too many distributions out there and life is too short to try them all.
What about you? Have you ever used the Linux Mint Debian Edition? If yes, do share your experience with it in the comment section.
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I’ve been using LMDE for quite a while as the OS on my small computer which is used only for my business accounts. It’s great. Never in years has it given me any trouble. I used to use Ubuntu then one day I heard that it was bought by Facebook. I note now that using U one cannot download and install software unless the login and identify themselves (Snap system) It’s the old tracking and loss of privacy game now extended to Linux. No thanks. I’m keeping my association with LMDE(4).
Ubuntu was not bought by Facebook, it is still developed by Canonical. You probably have heard this from the April Fool’s article that was posted here in 2014 (
I also have not encountered any login requirements for downloading Snaps yet. Did you get something mixed up or am I missing something?
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