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Lately, the Blender Foundation has announced the latest 2.93 LTS version of their Blende software, a 3D graphics creation and rendering solution to provide a new stable framework for production.
Blender 2.93 LTS comes with interesting features, it offers a total of 22 new nodes added to the geometry node editor to expand the attribute system, texture sampling, and support for volume data, as well as incorporating improved usability, mesh primitives, Cycles support for the attributes and much more.
Also, it is now possible to create mesh circles, cones, cubes, cylinders, grids, lines, and other shapes without having to leave the geometry node editor. Using the geometry nodes themselves is now easier and the spreadsheet editor is in charge of assisting the user in inspecting meshes, instances, and point clouds.
The sculpting tools have also received improvements in Blender 2.93 LTS.  Masks out of the box allow creating masks automatically from loose parts or assemblies expensive and complex possibility of splitting figures on various objects improves performance and workflow in sculpting mode.
Other capabilities added to the new version of the 3D graphics creation and rendering solution are the automatic generation of wax crayon lines around objects, that an interpolation operator is now a full tool, and that the crayon can importing SVG files as objects, exporting objects to vectors that can be used in applications like Inkscape and the fact that PDF export supports animation in a process that creates a page for each keyframe.
Although, we can install Blender from the official repository of our Linux, however, you may not find the latest LTS version immediately in them.
Here we are showing two ways one is by directly downloading its package and the second is via SNAP
#1st Method using Tarball file.
On your Ubuntu 21.0420.04/18.04, Linux Mint, Manjaro, CentOS, AlmaLinux, Debian, or any other Linux system you are using, open the command terminal.
Now, use the below-given command and download the latest long-term release of Blender on your Linux Distro.
Once the downloading is completed, extract the archived file to run the installation wizard.
Switch to the directory created after extracting the Blender tar file.
Finally, run the blender app
IF you are on Ubuntu, then snap is already there, however, other Linux users may need to install SNAPD first. Here is the tutorial on that- Snap on Linux- Installation, update, and delete commands
After that run:
Install Blender 3D 2.93 on Linux


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