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Here we learn the steps to install PyCharm on Ubuntu 20.04 or 18.04/21.04 LTS using the command terminal. You can follow this tutorial for Linux Mint, Debian, MX Linux, POP!OS and other similar Linux distros. 
To develop software applications, developers use various IDEs (Integrated Development Environments), one of them is PyCharm. It is a development environment (IDE) with code completion, code analysis, refactorings, and debuggers. In addition to the Community Edition under Apache 2.0 license, PyCharm is also available as a paid Professional Edition.
Well, in short, Integrated development environments are applications that combine a text editor with useful tools. You may be familiar with IDLE, a rather simple IDE that is included in many Python distributions. So, PyCharm is an interesting alternative with a wide range of Python functions that support beginners, however, even experienced web developers can use it for efficient troubleshooting to carry out targeted fine-tuning.
The paid edition also supports the web frameworks Django, Scientific tools, Pyramid, Flask & web2py, Google’s Platform as a Service App Engine, and the object-relational mapper SQLAlchemy.
System requirements:
There are two ways to easily install PyCharm, one is using the SNAP package, and the other is by downloading the script from the official website of this developing tool. Here we will learn both the ways…
#1st method using SNAP:
Either click on the Ubuntu 20.04 Software app icon to run it from the Dock or Application launcher of the OS. As shown in the given screenshot.
Open Ubuntu software center App
Click on the Search icon given on the left top side of the Software app. Type “Pycharm” and hit the Enter Key.
Select Open source Python IDE
You will see multiple editions of the IDE, select the Community Edition (CE) that is free to use & open source, whereas those who want more features can go for the pro versions.
Click on the Install button to get this IDE on your system.
PyCHarm CE install GUI Ubuntu 20.04 SNAP package
Alternatively, the users can use the Command terminal with the snap command to install this IDE:
To remove this IDE either simply go to Software app search for Pycharm, and this time you will see a remove button instead of Install. Whereas if you want to use the command terminal then run:
#2nd method using Tarball file:
If you don’t want to use the Snap package then visit the official website of Jetbrains and download the Tarball file meant for PyCharm. Here is the link.
As whatever we download from the browser goes into the Downloads folder, thus first switch to that.
Now, extract the Tar file of PyCharm using the below command and at the same time also move it to a place where we don’t delete it accidentally.
Move the extracted file to /opt
We have securely extracted and saved the files required to run PyCharm on Ubuntu 20.04. Now, let’s create a Desktop and launcher shortcut to easily access it.
Copy and paste the following block of text in the file:
Save the file by pressing Ctrl+X, Y, and hit the Enter key.
Copy the Shortcut to Applications launcher folder as well.
Made Desktop shortcut executable:
Right-click on the desktop shortcut and select “Allow launching”
Desktop Shortcut Pycharm Application Launcher shortcut Install Pycharm IDE on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
After some time if you don’t require this Python IDE on your Linux system anymore then simply remove the extracted folder and shortcuts…
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