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Android has become (almost) the de-facto of mobile computing. That is why your applications are sought after even on other operating systems, including Windows and Linux, as everyone wants to use their favorite applications on all devices, even on desktops and laptops. So let me share the good news:
You can run Android apps on Linux, thanks to a solution called Anbox. Anbox: a short name for “Android in a Box” – turns your Linux into Android, allowing you to install and use Android apps just like any other app on your system. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s see how to install and run Android apps on Linux.
Let’s first talk about the essential things that you need to configure before installing and running Android apps on Linux, that is, you must install Anbox. Please note that this The tutorial was written for Debian-based operating systems, including Ubuntu and Linux Mint, so you can modify some commands to work on other distributions.
1.1 Check for snapd
First of all, you must check if your system supports snapshot. Open a terminal and type snap find hello. If you see a list of packages (as in the screenshot below), everything is fine. If not, install snapd using this Ubuntu guide.
1.2 Install kernel modules
Now, we need to install kernel modules for Anbox, which help Anbox to run Android container on Linux. Here’s how to do it:
1.3 Install the Anbox plugin
Now, let’s install Anbox from the Snap Store. Said that open a terminal and type snap install –devmode –beta anbox to install Anbox.
If it doesn’t work or gives an error or warning, try this command: sudo snap install –devmode –beta anbox. Once installed, you can write anbox plugin information to confirm its installation on your system checking the installed version of Anbox.
1.4 Install ADB for Linux
ADB – Android Debug Bridge – is a tool for connect and manage an Android device or instance via command line.
Anbox takes advantage of this tool to allow you to install applications on Anbox, that is, Android on Linux. Let’s see how to do it:
Finally, let’s learn to install applications in Anbox, which will finally allow us to use them on Linux. But before you can do that you must have an APK – it is a packaged and executable form of an application; it’s like you have .deb files for Debian and Ubuntu.
You can do it from APKMirror – it’s a popular and safe place to get APKs.
Once you have edited the APK, you can type adb install In the terminal.
For example, I used adb install com.manco.steno.apk to install Steno Notes, a minimalist note-taking application, on my system. If you see an ADB error, Anbox is not running. You can write and run anbox.appmgr to launch Anbox. Thereafter, retype the above command.
If you run the command for Anbox, you will see its window as in the screenshot below. If not you can always search for Anbox Application Manager in the applications menu. When you run it, you will see the list of installed applications.
For example, I ran Calculator, Calendar, Files, Settings, and Steno using Anbox on Linux. All applications ran correctly Except for Steno, he started like others, but he didn’t accept my opinion. It may be because Steno is a beta app and may have bugs. Or maybe Anbox cannot run all applications which are available on the Google Play Store.
However, it is worth a try and in addition, you can run multiple applications!

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